Agios Romanos is located 6 kilometers northwest of Tinos Town. It is a Settlement in Tinos in the Cyclades Region of Greece. Approximately 53 people live in Agios Romanos. Locations near Agios Romanos include the Beach of Apigania and the Beach of Kantani. The area is remote, so you will not find any noisy bars or supermarkets nearby. Only peace and quiet, sun and sea. You can find a traditional Greek tavern and a coffee shop by the beach, near Kamares Vacation Villas. Also recently our beach has attained a beach bar, where you can enjoy a beer or drink while watching the waves.

Agios Romanos is a big and tranquil beach with sand and little pebbles, providing shadow with its tamarisk trees and a wonderful view to the island of Syros. Beach is a 3 minute walk from the Villas. Just go down the stairs and enjoy the sand and sea.
On the left side of the beach you will find a picturesque small bay. Take a walk and enjoy the traditional architecture

The closest place to eat is the restaurant “Akrogiali”. You will find it ,right next to the beach , on your right hand and very close to the main road. It is only a five minute walk by the beach from Kamares Vacation Villas. There you can find a combination of modern and traditional Greek cuisine. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a huge variety of delicious appetizers, fresh fish, meat dishes and vegetable production. If you wanna try something more, don’t hesitate to ask us!